The Trajan 125 with Ekstensive Metal Works

In this video, Bill Carlton from Ekstensive Metal Works tells us how’s products help them build crazy custom cars.

Ekstensive Metal Works

Ekstensive Metal Works was founded in 1994 by Bill. It is one of the most respected custom fabrication and automotive design shops in Houston, Texas. They make every suspension bracket, frame bracket and full chassis in-house.

The most important tool Bill and his team use are band saws and they need them to cut right, straight, and reliable every time. That’s why they trust

Watch them use the Trajan 125 and the Q501 Series Band Saw Blades at their shop in Houston, Texas.

The Trajan 125

Ekstensive Metal Works Using Sawblade
The Ekstensive team using the Trajan 125 from

The Trajan 125 from Trajan Saw Works is a high qualityportable band saw that gives any shop years of profitability.

  1. Adjustable left cutting angle from 0 to 60 degrees
  2. Powerful 110v single phase motor with electronic blade speed regulator
  3. Anti-reset safety function
  4. Cut without lubrication
  5. Designed arch-blocking device for easy handling
  6. With standard blade and length stop set
  7. Simplified blade tension
  8. Easy to carry
  9. 5’8″x½” blade size
Trajan 125 Features
The features of the Trajan 125

The Trajan 125 is 110 volts so it can work in any settings. It is driven by a potentiometer controlledDC motor which allows the operator to adjust the blade speed. This feature allows the blade to run at an optimal speed, increasing blade life.

Trajan 125 Cutting
The Trajan 125 in action
  • Blade Guide: Roller
  • Length: 4′ 8 1/2″ x 1/2
  • Speed: 98-262
  • Cut Method: Horizontal
  • Feed System: Manual
  • Miter Cut: Single 60°
  • Motor: 1010W
  • Swivel Method: Head
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Ship Wt: 48 lbs.

Trajan’s complete line of band saw machines make use of the latest engineering techniques and protocols to manufacture modernreliable and efficient band saw machines for small “job shops”fabricating shopsmid-sized company’s involved in steel fabrication and production, aerospace, petroleum and the steel industry itself.

Trajan 125 Variable Speed Portable Band Saw

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The Q© 501 Series

The IC Band Saw blades feature a unique tooth profile that prevents over-feeding and the resulting stripped teeth.

  • Designed exclusively for Structural Steel
  • Welding, Ornamental Iron and fabrication shops
  • For cutting of all shapes of steel


  • Unique tooth profile that prevents over-feeding and the resulting stripped teeth
  • Special treatment and processing to eliminate the need of break-in cutting 
  • Prevents tooth chipping when cutting  structural steel subjected to severe vibration and noise


  • The 501 Qsaw blade will out preform all other “heavy set” or structural steel band saw blades in small welding shops to large steel fabricators
  • The special heat treatment and processing to eliminate the need of break-in cutting
  • Various tooth patterns including 5/7 and 8/11 that are more suitable in for cutting structural steel
  • Reduced noise, longer blade life, and excellent cost per cut value makes this blade “Best in industry”
How to Properly Cut Channel Iron Sawblade
The Q501 IC

Q501 IC Wide Set Band Saw Blades for Structural Steel

Q™501 IC band saw blade comes highly recommended by industry experts. By virtue of our proprietary heat treatment process and robust tooth design, a custom welded Q™501 IC band saw blade can handle the largest cross-section structure steel without pinching. The teeth are 8% cobalt, triple-tempered M-42 high speed steel.

Each Q© 501 IC Bimetal band saw blade features a custom High Speed Steel Bi metal Blade design. It maximizes cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss, so you can cut quickly and accurately with minimal damage to your blade. These custom-welded band saw blades have a 20% longer life span than older designs of matrix bands. Look no further for a heavy-duty workhorse saw blade online.

Qsaw 501 IC Structural Bimetal Blade

Starting at $19.99

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Next Day Shipment: Why It Makes a Difference is dedicated to their customers. They understand that losing even one day of productivity can have a drastic impact on a workshop. That?s why offers Next Day Shipment. Employing modern technology and the latest innovations in logistics methodology means that customers can get a new saw blade or a replacement part as soon as possible. We asked the sales department at about the advantages of Next Day Shipment and why it is critical to the mission.

Why Next Day?

Next Day Shipment can present some logistical hurdles. That is why not all industrial band saw suppliers offer it. As it is, many other suppliers take up to five days deliver their products. One of the Salesmen explained that since many employees at have experience in machining and production, they understand the impact a five-day delay can have on a shop, especially if margins get very thin. As long as you order before 3 PM, then will Ship your blades the next day. If you place an order after 3 PM then your order will be processed first thing in the morning and out the next business day.

No Extra Fees

There are no hidden fees for’s Next Day Shipment, Only their standard shipping fee applies. Other suppliers may charge extra for quicker delivery. Amazon Prime, for example, requires a membership to get free two-day shipping and even more money on top of that if you need your package the next day. Additionally, you can always reach out to the knowledgeable sales staff with questions. They are more than capable of fixing a variety of problems that may arise with the delivery. In fact, you can ask them any saw-related question you may have.

If you are looking for a company that aims to give their costumers the best for their money, it is hard to find a better deal than Contact today if you are looking for a new saw, saw blade, or replacement part.