Proper Blade Selection

Proper Blade Selection. For the thinner and smaller material the finner the tooth pitch. For thicker and larger material the more coarse the tooth pitch. The proper gullet size is important also for effective chip removal.

Our metal cutting band saw blades are an excellent choice for cutting a variety of all shapes and sizes of Steel; the progressive positive rake tooth pattern has a design to reduce noise, vibration and chatter, giving you a quitter sawing operation and extending blade life. Resulting in a lower cost per cut. Most people cutting material use the Q501 IC band since it is the most versatile bandsaw blade.

Our wood cutting band saw blades are an excellent choice for cutting a variety of all types of wood, plastic, and sizes of Steel. The precision ground tooth and layered heat treated tooth pattern is designed to give you extended blade life. The blades are available in both Flex back Carbon and Hard Back Carbon steel in widths from 1/8″ to 2″. When you’re looking for an economical quality blade, the Q Series Carbon Band Saw Blades are just what you’re looking for.

The spring-tempered back, provides increased strength, that allows greater tension to be applied; improving blade rigidity for straighter, more accurate cuts. has a speed and feed calculator to help you determine what the best tooth pitch and the correct blade speed based on the material you are cutting.

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