Carter Tensioning Mechanisms in a Vertical Bandsaw

In this video you are going to learn about the Carter tensioning mechanisms of a vertical bandsaw.

This machine does have a racket rod instead of the original threaded rod. This is ideal for quick and easy rotation. Inside of the knob is a racket mechanism that has a tiny flip lever and reverses the drive direction similar to a socket wrench. Once the nut and rod are installed, loosening or tightening your blade is fast and simple.

The machine in the video is also upgraded with a quick release mechanism. Installs in just minutes and all the installation hardware is provided is a quick installation as well. This product is made with high quality components and solid steel construction. The quick release can be used from 1/8 to 3/4 blades and relieves tension quickly to prolong blade life and saw life as well as prevent damage to the tire.

The tensioning mechanism is a convenience tool for woodworkers who need fast access to their blade.

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