Selecting  the appropriate band saw machine and investing on it can be very crucial  in a small (or large) job shop. The newly  improved and most advance band saw machine in the Trajan line up is the  Trajan 712 Band Saw. It is a high quality, metal cutting band saw machine that provides fast precise cutting.

This machine has casting structure that assures mechanical strength and it has a fully adjustable hydraulic down feed that controls the rate of descent.  A full blade cover has been provided to promote operator’s safety. The equipment has 4 steps belt speeds that allows different cutting speed. It has a cutting angle from 0 degree to 45 degrees. In order to achieve high accuracy and  long blade life, adjustable blade guide has been provided.

This machine can be converted  from horizontal to vertical cutting purposes with the standard blade size of 7’9” long  and .75”  wide . It is powered by a standard 110V  motor and comes with a wheel kit for convenient moving to various work stations. The saw also contains a  coolant collection  pan for collecting chips, lubricants and coolants.

It has a heavy weight machine table that is designed to eliminate vibration and  a heavyweight steel base. The guide arms are mounted horizontally and the adjustable guides and rollers are made standard to achieve precise cutting. It’s suitable for wet or dry cutting and has a coolant pump system, all of the machine systems come standard with a wet operation, but can also be used on dry cutting. This can be found on all Trajan machines including our vertical saws. The machine has a simple and fast operation that clearly marked controls on every saw we sell up to semi automatic 13 inch capacity.

Productivity, durability, performance, and safety are the most important key factors one would take into consideration in choosing the right machine. With the choice of the Trajan 712 Band Saw, not only you will get to experience all the features described above, but also hopes to provide  you the best value for your money.

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