Freud’s LU96 Thin Kerf Double Sided Laminate Circular Saw Blade

In this video, Jordan discusses the benefits of Freud’s LU96 Thin Kerf Double Sided Laminate Carbide Circular Saw Blade. Available in sizes of 8,10, and 12 inches.

The thin kerf design allows you to cut with an underpowered saw to produce less waste with the same excellent finish as a full kerf blade. This blade provides great finishes in double sided laminates, melamine, and veneered plywood. It has a thin kerf and TCG tooth geometry for extended blade life in abrasive manmade materials.

It comes equipped with Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density carbide for maximum performance and with Freud’s anti-vibrations technology. This stabilizes the blade for smooth clean cuts and helps blade longevity. The Hi-density carbide can be also sharpened up to 10x. The LU96 blade also comes with the non-stick perma-shield coating to help with pitch and heat buildup to protect the blade for longevity.

This blade sets the industry standard while out performing and outlasting other blades on the market. The double sided laminate and melamine blade is for professional woodworkers who need benefits of square cuts with little to no need of sanding after cutting man-made materials. It is available in a thin kerf design and can be sharpened up to 10 times. carries an extensive inventory of Freud as well as a wide range of high quality sawing products.

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