The Q905 Wood Processing and Ripping Blade

The Q905 is premium a wood processing and ripping band saw blade. uniquely designed this series to offer excellent blade life and unparalleled reliability. Our years of experience in the band saw industry helped us engineer a saw blade that boasts up to thirty percent more durability than its leading rivals.

Additional resilience means the Q-905 is extremely accurate. Using this blade helps operators to spend more time cutting and less time correcting. The Q-905 band saw blade has an extremely hardwearing structure. It has a long working life and can be re-sharpened more often. This means your shop will go through fewer blades and make less waste.

The Q-905’s efficiency and durability allow operators to make more accurate cuts in less time. This means a more finished product and a better performance for your money. Indeed, the Q-905 offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. We struck this balance in the design to enhance its performance in wood processing. Because this saw isn’t too rigid or elastic, it makes short work of all kinds of wood applications. Its long-term reliability means it will offer continual value, cut after cut. Choose the Q905 when you need a fast, dependable rate of production. With the Q-905 in your arsenal, you’ll lower your total sawing expenses.

Furthermore, Q905 operators get unrivaled out-of-the-box performance. There’s no need to take the further time or expense to invest in setup. Operators can get straight to work because this band saw blade is ready to use the moment it’s unpacked.

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