How Bandsaw Blades from Are Welded

In this video, Kenneth Oyer explains how’s bandsaw blades are properly welded and get to you.’s bandsaw blades are cut to order and on a first in and first out basis. 95% of our orders ship out on the same day that the order is placed.  The sawblades are put in boxes meant for their size and secured with straps around the box to make sure they get to the customer properly and undamaged. is dedicated to their customers. They understand that losing even one day of productivity can have a drastic impact on a workshop. That’s why offers Next Day Shipment. Employing modern technology and the latest innovations in logistics methodology means that customers can get a new saw blade or a replacement part as soon as possible.

Next Day Shipment can present some logistical hurdles. That’s why not all industrial band saw suppliers offer it. As it is, many other suppliers take up to five days deliver their products. One of the Salesmen explained that since many employees at have experience in machining and production, they understand the impact a five-day delay can have on a shop, especially if margins get very thin. As long as you order before 3 PM, then will Ship your blades the next day. If you place an order after 3 PM then your order will be processed first thing in the morning and out the next business day.

If you’re looking for a company that aims to give their costumers the best for their money, it’s hard to find a better deal than Contact today if you?re looking for a new saw, saw blade, or replacement part.

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