In today’s product overview we’ll talk about rubber band saw tires and when to use them.

 A rubber band saw tire is a crucial piece in the functionality of any vertical Band Saw.

Its purpose is to protect the band wheel from contacting the teeth of the blade therefore preventing any premature damage to the band wheel and the blade. 

Our rubber band saw tires are made from the highest quality rubber delivering outstanding performance and protecting against wear resistance.

At we carry rubber band saw tires in even size increments ranging from 6” to 42“.

When purchasing a tire, it needs to be as close as possible to the size of the band wheel you need to cover. Never buy an oversized or an undersized tire. The bigger the difference between the band wheel and the tire, the more difficult the installation will be.

Rubber Band Wheel Tires will stretch a bit after installation, therefore an industrial rubber adhesive glue will be recommended in order to keep the tire fixed to the band wheel.

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