This QXT 7″ x 20mm x 48 Tooth blade is designed to cut Mild Steel and features superior Triple Chip ground teeth excelling in a wide range of material such as steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic.

Our QXT Carbide blades are our “Top Of The Line” blades and will make all carbide saws into the ultimate dry cutting machine.

Available for a variety of applications, their laser cut bodies have less distortion than stamped blades. Less distortion means truer rotating blade with less wobble, producing straighter cuts.

Our QXT blades incorporate industrial brazing technology, which creates an extra durable bond between the teeth and body as well as premium grade carbide teeth for long.

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Kerf: 0.078″

Material Thickness: 1/8”-1/4”

Blade Diameter: 7 in

Blade Type: Metal Cutting Blades

Brand: QXT Premium

Material to Cut: Mild Steel

Arbor Diameter: 20 mm

Number of Teeth: 48

Tooth Type: Triple Chip

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