The Q Fluid C-5200 semi synthetic coolant from Q Fluids is formulated specifically for the Band Sawing Industry, as this unique coolant lubricates and cools the Band Saw Blade extending the tool life while enhancing the tooth penetration and cleaning the machine.

C-5200 is formulated to help prevent Chip Build up, allowing the chips to flow freely away from the cut, preventing buildup in the critical parts of the machine, such as behind the wheels, the blade guide system, and the chip brush system. This can improve the life of regular wear parts by up to 30%. C-5200 is non-foaming fluid that has a long tank life, it does not contain chlorine sulfur silicone sultanates. This is an excellent Sawing fluid on most metals except magnesium and is operator friendly

Typhoon C 5200 Semi-Synthetic Coolant is a translucent blue, water soluable, synthetic sawing fluid designed to be a moderate to heavy duty sawing fluid where long life of the coolant is desired.

C 5200 Semi-Synthetic Coolant is also able to be used in sawing operations.

Enhanced lubrication for improved tool penetration

Metals: Carbon steels, Alloy steels, Cast iron, High alloys steels, Stainless steels and exotic alloys

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