In this video, Tom, our product specialist will teach you how to pick the best sawing fluids for your next project.

Coolants are an essential part of the job and have many benefits. They keep the blade and material being cut cool, they lubricate during the cutting process, and they clear chips and debris from the machine.

Depending on your cutting goal, we suggest:

– The C-5200 semi-synthetic coolant, perfect for ferrous and non-ferrous applications. It’s great at reducing machine wear and has excellent lubricating properties

– The C-5300 Full synthetic coolant. This is an environment-friendly option that does not contain harmful chemicals. We usually suggest this fluid when working with hard water. Ideal for fabrications and welding operations and doesn’t leave oily residue.

– The C-5500 Mist Lubrication Fluid. This system combines air and coolant giving you a cleaner cutting experience. It’s also environmentally-friendly. This system boasts the MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubricant) technology.

We hope this video will help you pick the right cutting fluid for your next project! Check out our full line of coolants over at

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