Common Causes of Gullet Cracking

Gullet cracking is a common problem for metal working shops and can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Unlike most issues with saw blades, gullet cracks often times stem from the machine, instead of the blade itself. Even though most cases of gullet cracks are unique to the machine, we’ll go over the most common reasons your saw blade may be experiencing gullet crack.

First, its important to check the straightness of the band, and make sure that it is correct and not disrupting the blade. Next, check the tightness of the guides and make sure they are properly functioning along with keeping the tension in check – you never want the tension to be too high. Before turning on the machine, check the feed rate and make sure it is set correctly, as this will also help prevent gullet crack.

If your problem hasn’t been fixed, then you should check the coolant flow to make sure it is not low and that the mix is correct. The guide arms should also be properly aligned and the feed pressure needs to be set correctly.

If the wheel is damaged or dirty, it can cause gullet crack. If you set the speed too fast, or let it run too long, than gullet crack is a risk. It is also important to check the wheel bearings and make sure they are suitable for the job at hand. Also, make sure to keep the guide and wheel alignment set correctly.

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