Rod to Area (sq in) Calculator

Rod to Area (sq in) Calculator

Use the Rod to Area Calculator to determine the square inch cutting area for rod-shaped material. Whether you’re cutting bar stock or billet, this reference tool helps you determine the material’s cutting area.

First, measure your material. Then, manually enter the inches in the empty field provided above the “Calculate Area” button. If the measurement is not a whole number, use the drop down menu to enter the rest of the measurement. It provides a list of common measurement options. Once you’ve entered your material’s dimensions, Press the “Calculate Area” button and the results of the calculation will appear in red below the button.

This calculation helps you figure out the amount of materials that will be cut into square inches. It will make it easier to determine cut time for your sawing operations.

Be sure to remember that this tool is for reference only. There are a host of other features to take into account throughout the cutting operation, including the type of material and the particulars of your band saw cutting machine. Keep in mind that the best and most accurate cuts will occur when your machine has been properly maintained.

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