Freud’s LM71 Thick Stock Rip Circular Blade

In this video, Jordan from is going to be discussing Freud’s LM71 Thick Stock Rip Blade. 

The LM71 series has a Flat tooth grind along with a low tooth count for cutting thick material. The LM71 has a full kerf design with a TiCo Hi-Density carbide. 

It has large gullets for effective chip removal and a silver ice coating resists corrosion and build-up while helping the blade stay cooler during the cutting process. This blade is ideal for a heavy industrial application of cutting thick stock woods at a high production rate, and will outperform competitive saw blades 3 to 1. Freud’s blades can also be sharpened up to12 times. carries an extensive inventory of Freud as well as a wide range of high quality sawing products.

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