Are you in need of a band saw tire that lasts longer and outperforms standard rubber band wheel tires?

In this video, Celeste from will tell you why urethane tires are the best choice when upgrading your bandsaw.

Urethane tires are the optimum choice for bandsaw tires. They do not dry, rot, or wear out, and become brittle as quickly as rubber tires do.

They also don’t require glue to stay in place by reducing wear on the blade and the wheel.

Urethane tires will outlast and outperform all rubber tires in the industry therefore saving you time and money.

Urethane tires are tougher than rubber tires therefore allowing them to carry extended longevity yet it makes them a bit harder to install.

For quick and easy installation soak the tire in hot water up to 120ºF for five minutes in order to make them pliable enough to stretch over the wheel.

Here at we stock urethane tires in even size increments that range from 10 to 20 inches. We have a size for any job.

Check out our range of Urethane band saw tires at

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