Freud’s LU90 Thin Non-Ferrous Metal Circular Saw Blade

In this video, Jordan is going to tell you the benefits of Freud’s LU90 Thin Non-Ferrous Circular Blade and why it is the ideal blade for you.

The LU90 series carries a full kerf and TiCo carbide with a 5 degree TCG grind that can be sharpened up to 10x. This blade is great for cutting brass, thin aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Freud also recommends a use of lubricant a spray of WD-40 every 4 or 5 cuts helps chip ejection. The thin Non-ferrous blade has high performance anti-vibrations technology that stabilizes the blade for precise clean cuts while extended blade life. It also comes equipped with a silver ice coating that resist heat up to 2x longer than standard blades.

This blade sets industry standards while out-performing and outlasting all other blades in the industry. carries an extensive line of Freud as well as a wide range of high quality sawing products.

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