Trajan 250s Miter Band Saw

The Trajan 250S band saw is a cutting machine designed with a high premium on usability. It’s a powerful cutting machine that enables operators to work quickly and make accurate cuts in a high-production environment. The Trajan 250S band’s design saw offers a number of advantages over other cutting machines.

Sturdy Structure

A sturdy, workhorse of a band saw, the Trajan 250S band saw has a cast iron frame. Its structure helps this saw cut back on vibration. Less vibration means more accurate cuts and less wear on blades as they cut.

Variety of Cutting Capabilities

The Trajan 250S band saw has variable blade speed. It can cut at 82 to 259 sfpm. A range of blade speeds mean this saw can handle a full range of steels — from the softest to the hardest. This capability means shops can meet more sawing needs and even take on new projects.

Mitering capability also makes the Trajan 250S band saw an attractive choice for many metal sawing shops. The head can swivel up to 45º in one direction at 8 – 7/16″ capacity. This cutting machine also cuts 90º. At this angle, the Trajan 250S has a cutting capacity of 9-1/16″ X 15-3/4″ for rectangular applications and 9-13/16″ for round applications.

Blade Protections

While the Trajan 250S has a sturdy structure designed to protect the band saw blade, it’s coolant system also prolongs blade life. It lubricates the blade and maintains it at an acceptable temperature. The coolant also helps wash chops away from the blade as it cuts, ensuring that the blade isn’t damaged by debris. It also keeps chips from damaging the saw. The Trajan 250S comes with a convenient coolant pan that collects chips and coolant. This saw comes standard with a chip brush that clears chips away from the band saw blade.

This saw is carefully engineered for operator convenience and to improve blade life. Its versatility and cutting capabilities make it a practical addition to many metal cutting shop’s cutting tools.