Session Topic: Strategic Marketing IQ: Today’s marketing strategies utilizing big data, social media, network effects and digital disruption to reach next generation buyers.

In this session, you will explore the fundamental conditions that allow strategic change and identify ways to take full advantage of them. The session structure consists of:

  • Harvard case studies that allow and assist you to think forward and interact with other participants on building diagnosis and strategic marketing skills
  • Real time data that highlight the underlying theories and help point to best practices
  • Discussions on network effects that will allowing you to reach more potential customers
  • Digital Disruption and the five market forces

We will discuss diagnosing your organization’s responsiveness to change by studying the experiences of thriving companies in a number other sectors and the factors that drove their success. You will learn about barriers to entry and how to use them to your favor. Drawn from a wide range of industries, these Harvard case studies offer fresh perspectives on anticipating change, adapting to new realities, and thriving in the long term.

The session is composed of three complementary topics that showcase the essential elements for strategic IQ marketing change:

Barriers To Entry – Taking advantage of what others can not do

Can you take advantage of processes that you provide in other markets? You will see examples of how barriers to market entry can be easily overcome and protected.

Digital Disruption and The Five Market Forces – Integrating digital disruption and the five market forces

With a clear understanding of where power lies and understanding how to utilize digital marketing strategy, learn how you can take full advantage of a situation of strength, improve a situation of weakness, and avoid taking wrong steps. This makes it an important part of your strategic IQ marketing plan.

Smart Strategy on Social Media and Cooperative Advertising – Overcoming Strategic Inertia

Learn how can your company develop marketing strategies that enhance its responsiveness to a fast-changing environment.

Time slot: 1PM -2PM & 3PM – 4PM          Meeting Room: Prado 2