Mountain Biking at Slickrock Utah

Biking in Slickrock

Slickrock is an internationally famous mountain biking trail near Moab, Utah. Its one of the most gorgeous rides in the United States and take visitors through dramatic desert scenery. This trail is steep, arduous, and it’s own incredible breed of beautiful, characterized by reddish sandstone, bright green vegetation, and incredible blue sky.

The Slickrock mountain biking trail is rated a four out of four on the difficulty scale. It climbs up and down steep sandstone domes and bowls and requires a well-maintained, quality bike. Experience riding difficult trails wouldn’t hurt either! It’s an absolute blast if you and your bike are prepared for the journey.

The Slickrock trail winds through remarkable geologic features, which makes for dramatic vistas and challenging mountain biking. Its treasured section of private land that’s part of the Salt Flats Recreation Area. According to the Discover Moab website, Salt Flats passes are available for the day, the week, and the year.

In addition to mountain biking, Slickrock is also a popular camping and hiking destination. Campers can make reservations and are asked to participate in minimal impact practices. Using caution around the entire Salt Flats Recreation area helps keep the landscape and biology in pristine shape.

If you’re considering a trip to Slickrock, you’re in for a treat. It’s key to call out, though, that there’s no drinking water on the trail and it’s essential to bring your own. Sunny days in Moab are bright and hot, so staying hydrated is important. is a longstanding company with years in the saw blade manufacturing. Our blades and band saws are used in all types of industries, so when you visit sites like Slickrock, a product has likely been a part of your journey — whether it’s your bike frame or the airplane that takes you across the country. No Middleman, No Markup, No Problems! Go Direct!

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