Mountain Biking on Cebu in June, 2014

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Cebu is a beautiful group of islands in the Philippines. It’s a well-developed province, but, as you can tell from our video above, still maintains substantial portions of rural splendor. Mountain biking in Cebu offers visitors to the Philippines the chance to explore gorgeous island scenery without sacrificing easy access to the conveniences of town.

Mountain biking in Cebu helps tourists get a true feeling for the area. Outdoor sports enthusiasts, local residents, and domesticated animals traverse the roads. Our mountain bike ride took us across bridges, through small communities, past bus stops and marvelous views of mountains and jungle.

About Cebu

Cebu is a popular destination in the Philippines. It’s one of the most popular destinations for tourism and business in the country. In fact, many multinational companies have offices and factories on Cebu Island. Outdoor sports – like mountain biking – in combination with excellent beaches make this island a favored location for many world travelers.

The province of Cebu consists of several islands, but the main island is largest and most industrious. It boasts steep mountains over three thousand feet high. Year-round, the Cebu climate is tropical. And while its humid and lush, Cebu experiences wet and dry seasons, much like its neighboring islands. The combination of sunshine and water helps plants flourish.

Other than mountain biking, tourists to Cebu can experience a range of festivals or visit Magellan’s Cross, fabled to have been placed there by the 14th century explorer.

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