Cebu Mountain Bike Ride, January 2015

One visit to Cebu just wasn’t enough. This mountainous, tropical island has cemented its place in our hearts! Our second mountain biking trip on Cebu was as fabulous and beautiful as the first. You might know as a company dedicated to hard work and excellent results, but it’s important to play as well! Spending time being active and learning about new places is one of the best way’s we’ve found to get a new, refreshing perspective on the world.


Our Second Cebu Adventure

Mountain biking on Cebu took us on exactly the kind of adventure we were looking for: one that brought us closer to the island and the folks that call it home. Mountain biking in Cebu took us down dirt and cement roads, through mountainous wilderness and small towns. Mountain biking is a unique way to get a feel for Cebu. On bike, it’s easy to get from town to town and meet friendly folks in more rural areas that we might not otherwise have gotten to visit.

Besides the cultural advantages of mountain biking in Cebu, the visual experience is also strikingly beautiful. It’s truly an adventure to bike the winding mountain roads and appreciate the magnificent vistas of rugged, tropical mountains. Mountain biking on a sunny day in Cebu is nothing short of heavenly. Towering palm trees stand sentinel over rural roads and lush vegetation. Sleeping dogs doze in the warm sun beside some of the most majestic views of mountains and valleys in the world. We’re excited to make another trip Cebu soon!


At the Start of Every Journey

Whether you’re adventuring through the Cebu highlands or taking a bike ride close to home, it’s important to get out and about. is dedicated to making the most of every day – that might mean constructing state-of-the-art saw blades or spending time in the great outdoors.