RS 500 Portable Roller Stand is made in the USA and For All Types Of Saws

The Patented Portable Roller Stand That Will Keep Your Material Straight

The RS 500 Roller Stand is 6″ wide, 6″ Tall and the roller will adjust from 2″ to 4.75″ in ¼” increments and that means-no more fighting with the material to get the right height and cut it straight! The roller stand’s powder coated steel wide base creates a strong base that provides extra stability and durability, while the steel-polished roller allows for free horizontal movement of the work piece on the roller. The stand’s ergonomic shape allows for easy use everywhere and adjusting to most work heights.

Compact and portable, the RS 500 Roller Stand is designed to be a compact size for easy storage and transportation. Weighing in at only 1 pound this stand can go anywhere with you! But don’t let its size and weight fool you, it’s still tough enough to use every day and on all types of saws.

The Patented RS 500 Roller Stand is made in the USA, solid, dependable, easy to use… and available only here at