Customer Profile: QCS Workholding and The Velox 250 NC Band Saw

Customer Profile: QCS Workholding and The Velox 250 NC Band Saw

In this video, we look at how the Velox 250 NC Band Saw is being used by customers.

Family-owned and operated QCS is an outstanding company that manufactures and distributors over 4o different work holding lines. QCS Workholding has been in business for over 20 years and is located in Houston Texas. The company has a full manufacturing shop that produces high quality precision work holding products such as manual chucks, power chucks, chuck jaws, precision vises, collet chucks, collets, live centers and tooling columns. For over 2 years they have depended on the Velox 250 NC Band Saw to deliver solid performance and high rates of production.

The Velox 250 NC Band Saw is the first machine used at the start of the manufacturing process. This video will explain how the Velox 250 NC saves them from additional manufacturing processes by cutting the parts to the exact length needed, eliminating a extra milling step. The machine also allows QCS to buy steel in 20 foot lengths giving them a lower overall costs on their steel purchase.

The Velox 250 NC Band Saw is a fully automatic that has a 10″ round capacity. It uses a 11′-6″ x 1 ¼” blade that is powered by a 5 hp Motor. A few of the standard features that this machine is sold with includes variable vice pressure, bundle cutting clamps, stainless steel hydraulic lines, fully programmable human interface control, split vices and a  vector drive.


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