Q™ 201 Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blades

Q™ 201 Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blades


Economical quality is what the Q201 Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blade delivers. The Q201 Hard Back Blade was designed for economical yet industrial use in the steel industry on vertical, contour and utility cut off saws. With its spring tempered backing this blade allows for increased beam strength for straighter, faster cuts and longer blade life. This high carbon steel band has precisely hardened teeth like the Q101, coupled with a tough spring tempered back, resulting in higher tensile strength.

The Q201 from Sawblade.com offers economy and value, for light cutting using all types of band saw machines. This blade is perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials. It is used in the small job shop, home shop, and woodworking industry, it perfect on machines that are not run in a production environment. Our Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blades are the most economical blades money can buy for cutting mild steels, aluminum, brass, wood and plastics. It is Ideal for cutting at slow speeds and for interrupted cuts such as pipe, angle, channel and others. The Q201 ranges from 1/4″ to 1″ in width, with many Tooth Pitch variations available.

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