“We Are at the start of Every Journey” Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Race

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile MTB Race, 2014

We Are At The Start Of Every Journey. Life is a process. Everything we do; everything we touch; everything we analyze. Life is a journey that we all participate in and can explore the world to see light in different points of view!

Before any journey begins, all of the airports, buses, cars, trains, platforms, and infrastructures must be manufactured. All of these items that we use daily and so often overlook or take for granted because they are always “just there”,  had to have their start in the manufacturing phase. Whether smelted, welded, ground, annealed, cut or extruded, the metal and steel industry is intrinsically tied to manufacturing and providing the products that maybe overlooked, but are vital to what we do each day.

This Video documents the Leadville Silver Rush MTB race on July 9, 2014. As all the events in the Leadville Race  Series, the 50 mile bike race race offers a serious challenge for all riders of any level. Starting at 10,200 feet in the city of Leadville in Colorado, this race is a out and back course and it seems you’re either going uphill or blasting downhill. Most people that I have talked to say it is the hardest 50 mile race in the country and they get toknow this at the very start of the race! The start is up a steep hill and it only get harder! With over 7,000 feet of climbing his race will demand everything you’ve got. The steep loose rock climbs take the rider to 12,000 feet above sea level and coming down is a challenge as well. but its all worth it!

“We are at the start of Every Journey”

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